The Role of a Personal Finance Advisor

Yesterday I finished my work for the month, put in my usual exercises at the gym and then went home to enjoy the audio-video system I installed a while ago.  I am already upgraded my computer work station by ordering some additional equipment from Newegg.  I will be adding a new laptop computer for 25{f22adbf9d63829a60deb5b32939c6dc48a392c1d5d36d5f5f174e85ec0246f03} off the list price, using a Groupon coupon.  My work office will also be upgraded with a new laser high-speed printer that I am getting for a 70{f22adbf9d63829a60deb5b32939c6dc48a392c1d5d36d5f5f174e85ec0246f03} discount with a Groupon promo code.

I use my system to help folks who get their finances all messed up by getting tied up with loans.  It is something I like to help people with because I once was so tangled up in loans myself that I almost had to let the sheriff come and take my property.  Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a way to get out of the situation, thanks to the help of someone who was willing to give me some basic do’s and don’ts when it came to borrowing money.  Now that I managed to get out of that situation I try to help others either avoid it or to wrangle their way out of it before they get completely sucked under.  I don’t charge them for my help, either; instead, I make my money from the credit companies and collection agents.  They know that the money they pay me is better for them in the long run than it would be to lose the entire amount owed completely, so they’re always willing to negotiate a good payment plan which benefits my clients so long as they stick to it without fail.  And I manage to make a few pennies myself.  Best of all, I can help folks who were in real despair get out of their circumstances and get their finances on a sound footing.

The tools I use for my services are expensive but using Groupon coupons enables me to get good deals on them from Newegg.  The systems help me keep track of my clients’ needs and their financial progress, as well as to communicate with all the finance offices and firms to keep them informed as to my clients’ status so they can cope with the complexities of today’s economy.